Different Uses of SEE


Looking at this picture what do we see? I see something that could make me feel dizzy. lol

Seriously speaking though, the verb see can have more meanings than to see with our eyes.

See is a non-action verb meaning for correct use we should not use see in a progressive/continuous verb tense. When see means to see with our eyes, it is non-action, so we should say- I see some birds in the tree not I am seeing some birds.

See differs in use than the words look and watch. See is an automatic response- my eyes are open so I see things. Look involves intentional use- She is looking at the painting. Look is also used in phrasal verbs but that is for another day. Watch is not only looking at something but involves other senses such as watching TV or watching a movie. Watch is can also mean to take care of such as watch the children.

But when see has other meanings, it is an action verb.

I am seeing a doctor. This meaning is I have an appointment with a doctor. I am seeing my family means I have a meeting with my family.

If someone says, I am seeing someone, it means they have a relationship with the person.

If someone says, oh I see, it means they understand.

If someone says, we see eye to eye, it means they agree. Don’t see eye to eye means do not agree.


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